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Skinny Bear Bass Jigs

Davis Baits Crank




Do you make or sell fishing lures?


Sebile Onduspoon

MegaStrike Spinnerbait


You may have a great product, but if anglers don't SEE it, it won't sell!



Spinnerbait Detail
Professional photography by R.Yoder Graphics can show your product in the best light.


Gary Yamamoto Custome Baits


Sebile D and S Crank Photo Illustration


And visually raise interest...



Hildebrandt Floyd’s Buzzer


R.Yoder Graphics also creates great line-art.


Hildebrandt SpinnerTop Brass X-Shad


About R.Yoder Graphics

Rod Yoder spent over thirty years as the Senior Graphics Designer for a scientific instrument and services company. Rod also has well over twenty years experience as a bass tournament co-angler. He has achieved a reasonable level of success fishing in a variety of tournament circuits, posting wins in the Redman, BFL and Bassmasters Series events. In 1997, Rod started R.Yoder Graphics focusing on graphic services for the fishing tackle industry, “As a way to do what I do and have it have to do with what I’d rather be doing!”

R.Yoder Graphics supplies high quality illustration and photography to the fishing industry. Rod’s work experience along with his understanding of anglers as consumers helps provide graphical solutions that build on brand identity — in many cases, he is the target audience!

Besides work in the corporate world, tournament angling, and providing photos and graphics for the fishing tackle industry, Rod also owns and operates his own on-line tackle shop at www.RedShad.com. This provides opportunity for R.Yoder Graphics to be flexible in its billing structure for graphics work. Often, initial inventory for new products has come via bartering. This can be very helpful to smaller companies with new products whose budgets may not include professional graphics work. While providing professional quality, R.Yoder Graphics remains reasonably priced.

A Winning Stringer!Areas of expertise include:

  • Product Photography
  • Ad, Packaging, and Brochure Design and Layout
  • Web Design
  • Line Art and Illustration

Tackle companies served include:

  • Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers
  • Phenix Baits
  • Moccasin Lures
  • Davis Baits
  • Sébile Innovative Fishing
  • MegaStrike
  • Top Brass Tackle
  • Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits
  • Skinny Bear Bass Jigs
  • Mojo Lures
  • Hooked Up Bait Co.
  • Proline Rods
  • Hildebrandt, LLC
  • SkippyFISH
  • Woodstock Line Co.
  • Ed Cumings, Inc.

If you sell baits or tackle, drop us a line. We’ll bite!

R.Yoder Graphics  •  4901 N 50 W  •  West Lafayette, IN 47906  •  765.418.2916